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We understand there are unforeseen challenges which can lead to unanswered questions and we specialize in all areas of Matrimonial Law, including Contested and Uncontested Divorces, Child Support issues and Custody Disputes. We are committed to your success and are fierce advocates for our clients. We will help you through your divorce, negotiate child support, child visitation and access as well as an equitable property settlement.
Family Law


At David Carr & Associates, we are focused on your needs as an individual while going through a divorce, whether it is contested or uncontested we will deliver a solution that will give you confidence in your future. Your time is valuable, we aim to resolve matters through a settlement process but will advocate for you through trial if necessary.


Each family has a unique situation which requires special attention, especially when dealing with children. While our approach is to try and resolve matters outside of court, it isn't always possible. Our attorneys are here to help guide you and your family into a better situation.
Personal Injury Law


If you have been hurt, you may be able to recover financially with a personal injury case. The most common injuries that receive a financial reward are car accidents, slips and falls, and medical malpractice. We handle all types of injuries including construction and workplace accidents as well.


Providing assistance in the legal process from start to finish with all matters regarding your relationship and family, we deliver an efficient process designed to get you the results you deserve.
Divorce Legal processes

All Inclusive Process

Legal processes can be complex and difficult navigate, sometimes leaving you not knowing what is happening or what the best decision to make is. At our firm, we believe it is critical to take an informed, inclusive approach where you participate in the decision making process. You can count on us to diligently keep you informed and guide you in every step of the process to ensure you are getting the results you deserve.

Efficient Timelines

We don't waste your time or resources. We treat every client as if it was a member of our family, making sure we move quickly when possible and aren't draining resources that happens at some law firms. Our goal is to resolve your matter with this in mind: Spend as little time and money as possible and move forward.
Committed to Your Success

Ultimate Success

We are committed to your success in this process. We know how difficult this process can be if you aren't prepared and how important thoughtful, informed representation is. We will deliver results as we work together keeping your needs in mind. Moving forward with a solid foundation, without depleting resources is what will give you the success you are looking for.
Our Team
Our core philosophy is to always be moving forward, thoughtfully, and we impart this on our clients as well. We know this process may paralyze even the most prepared people and when you are involved in any type of dispute, especially matters involving your home, the last thing you need is to think about whether the legal process is making matters worse. We help our clients by having a transparent, thoughtful process to deliver a resolution while giving you the confidence to move forward. By being transparent and not wasting your time, we have a big impact on your recovery and allow you to move forward when you are ready not when the system tells you to. The sooner you have a clear pathway to your future, your life will continue with your new plan and you will be on the right track once again.
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